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Frequently asked questions!!

How often should I change my transmission fluid?

We normally recommend changing your transmission fluid every 20,000 miles on a new car.

If you are driving a used car with under 50,000 miles the same rule should apply. If however your car has over 50,000 miles on it and you do not know when the last time it received a fluid change was. We do not normally recommend servicing your transmission at that time. You may cause more problems than you may expect. It is normally better to wait until you replace the transmission and start a regular servicing routine at that time and maintaining it afterwards.

I have a leak. Can you tell how much it would cost to repair it?

There are several places that a transmission can leak. They include: the pump, shift lever seal/s, kickdown seal, electrical connection/s, governor cover, speedometer seals, rear output seal or axle seals, servo cover/s, filler tube, throttle cable, pan, side cover, cooler lines, and differential cover. The real question is: What is/are the source/s of the leak/s. The unit must be visually inspected to determine the source/s of the leak/s. So, the answer to the question is: No, I can't without seeing the vehicle first.

Will it hurt to overfill the transmission?

In a word, no! It is possible that gross overfilling can cause the fluid to be subjected to moving parts and become aerated which could cause abnormal operation. You may also notice leaks that normally would not occur.

How long will a transmission normally last?

There is no accurate answer to that question. The mileage or time of use before major problems occur will vary greatly, and therefore, I don't see a correlation between mileage and expected transmission failure. It is not unusual that the first few years after a newly designed transmission hits the road, that early failures occur. But, in later years with updates to the original design, the units become more reliable. The three major factors in the life expectancy of a transmission are periodic maintenance, maintaining proper fluid level, and driving habits.

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