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A-Ivie's warranty services

Our warranty is honored at over 2,500 shops through ATRA and over 1,700 shops through ATSG in the United States and Canada!

These two association's allow us to provide nationwide warranty service to our customers. It is your assurance if a problem arises with a transmission that was rebuilt at A-Ivie's Transmission Service, your warranty will be honored without a long trip back to Lubbock. All you need to do is call A-Ivie's and we will direct you to the nearest approved repair shop from your location. You can be sure that the repair shop that displays the ATRA and/or the ATSG logos subscribes to the high ethical standards and practices that ATRA and ATSG demands!

Click on the ATRA or ATSG logos above to visit thier respective sites.

1986 - 2013 A-Ivie's Transmission Service
203 County. Rd. 7300 Lubbock, Tx. 79401
1/4 mile East of Hwy. 87. on 114th st.